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BUPAS is a brand new society for Physician Associate Students at Bournemouth University. We are all post-graduates, engaged and enthusiastic individuals. The degree focus on training us to be a new type of healthcare professional in the NHS. Aim to have 22 new society member by January 2020.

Bournemouth University Physician Associate Society (BUPAS) would work in partnership with a reputable organisation that shared its values. Untimely the society and the organisation would support each other and be mutually beneficial. In addition to the below suggestions, the society is receptive to other ideas and will work to represent its partner.

BUPAS would be able to support its partner in a number of ways though its social media presence. The aim to expand the societies media presents and create greater awareness of the Physician Associate Profession. Being promoted on the societies social media would be beneficial to the partner as it would generate a positive image of the organisation.

Currently the society aims to organise a number of social events in Bournemouth and Dorset community. At these events BUPAS would support its partner by generating a wider awareness though branding and merchandise. These events could range from cake-sales, sporting events and talks at other universities.

BUPAS is a group of academically motivated individuals who are always eager to make the most of their education experience.As part of the organisations partnership with BUPAS we would also invite financial support to have further teaching and attend conferences. One of the societies main aims is to make the Faculty of Physician Associates Conference 2020 accessible to all its members.

If your organisation is keen to enter into a partnership with BUPAS, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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